Workplace Diversity – Benefits and Challenges

Workplace Diversity - Benefits and Challenges

The success and competitiveness totally depends upon the ability of an organization to grab diversity and comprehend the benefits as wide range of skills can be accessed by working with employees having different background which is an advantage and of great help in getting all the things done due to multiple talented people in the company – be it an experienced colleague assisting in your business or the fresh mind giving you enthusiastic ideas that lead towards an organization’s overall success and competitiveness.

Also, when the diverse plans are implemented, multiple benefits are surely welcomed as:

Wide range of skill sets
A diverse collection of skills and experiences, the language spoken and known along with varied cultural understanding permits a company to transfuse its horizons and serve the customers on global basis.

Variety of viewpoints
Diversity at workplace provide varied views and ideas that result in a solution that is customer oriented and hence, the need of customers are effectively taken into consideration and we as employees are able to meet expectations providing them with the best service.

Good performance and better results
Companies that encourage diversity in the workplace inspire all of their employees to perform to give the best of their performance therefore, leading towards execution of company-wide strategies which yields greater level of profit and higher productivity.

Increased adaptability
Organizations employing a diverse workforce can supply a greater variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing and allocation of resources. Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and customer demands.
We are talking about the benefits of a company with diverse workforce but you must be aware if there are benefits, so are the challenges of diversity at workplace and those generally faced by an employee are:
Communication barriers: Cultural and language barriers need to overcome for diversity programs to succeed. Ineffective communication results in greater confusion, lack of interest among team and low morale leading towards lower productivity.
Unwilling to accept change: There are always employees who will refuse to accept the fact that social and cultural makeup of their workplace is changing. The “we’ve always done it this way” mentality silences the new emerging ideas that leads to inefficient work and lack of progress.
Implementation of diversity: At workplace, there must be a customized strategy to maximize the effects of diversity in the workplace for a particular organization.
Successful diversity management: Diversity training alone is not sufficient for your organization’s diversity management plan. A strategy must be created and implemented to create a culture of diversity that every department should take into account and is completely effective for an organization as a whole.

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