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Websites – Smart Goals and SWOT Analysis

Websites - Smart Goals and SWOT Analysis

To say “we want a website that is way better than another website” is like “we want a better business and for that you need to increase revenue, maximize profitability and improve customer satisfaction. All these factors are different for different people in varied situations and thus, it’s not at all a precise and clear aim to attain those business-oriented results.

Firstly, we need to evaluate few of the website goals to attain business objectives and these are:
Online Sales: In order to make sales by validating and supporting sales team communications.
Marketing: With the help of marketing, branding is improved by driving traffic, generating leads thereby, engaging with the present customers and re-engaging with the existing customers.
Online Service: Online service is being offered by simplifying and optimizing content updates and the entire website management.
Information Delivery: It helps to provide information and data on all products and services.
Customer Support: By having a contact us page as an option for the customers to approach and improving customer satisfaction through better service.
Information Technology: Integrating with other systems, meeting up security and performance requirements.
Operations: It also helps in reducing the costs associated by proper streamlining and automating the entire workflow segment and associated tasks related to it.
HR: Recruitment of new employees and supporting already present employees where the executives/officers grow the company’s bottom line and enhance productivity yielding more benefits in the business.
Now, for a winning website strategy SWOT Analysis of a website is a big must have. So, let's discuss what is SWOT analysis actually. SWOT are the essential factors that are identified as Strengths and Weaknesses within your website that is known as the internal environment and on other side are the opportunities and threats from the external environment such as the market place. This analysis is very much necessary and should be done in order to attain certain objectives listed above.
Have you ever noticed the common weaknesses of a website? if not, I am listing those few below:
• An outdated website design that is ineffective
• Ineffective calls to action
• Content that is not customer oriented
• Confusing structure & navigation
• Cumbersome and longer checking out process
You need to identify the external factors that are affecting your website and find out varied opportunities by which your organization can improve performance and its competitive advantage in the market environment. There are some external opportunities that can be predicted as expansion of the business in new horizons.
Few of the external opportunities of a website are:
• New technologies to improve user experience
• Emerging newer markets
• Trending newer markets
• New design trends to better convey the messages with more elaboration.
• An effective marketing tactics and the ways to handle them.
• A positive social change
You can thus make your website more competitive by having SWOT Analysis to overcome weakness that are the threats and in the form of opportunities are the strengths.

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