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Animation Industry – Bringing Opportunities And Diversity

Animation Industry - Bringing Opportunities And Diversity

Animation that falls under the category of Creative Industries is a multifaceted sector that requires a strong labour force.

In terms of diversity in the work exposure in different sectors of the industry and varied opportunities, the animation industry has a wide spectrum ranging from feature films, gaming, architecture, entertainment to advertisements due to excessive use of special effects and so, brings along with it the demanding career options which serves both the (e-learning) industries of entertainment and education.

Various roles in animation which requires varied specialized skills for an animator are:

  • In-between Animator – This is a beginner’s position in the animation industry where you can learn almost all the basics of animation.
  • Modeler – A person having strong knowledge of form, volume and anatomy are all that make basic models for animation.
  • Background Artist – The job requires painting the background of the characters in project.
  • Layout Artist – Person who decides the lighting and camera angles and sketches the background design for the animation.
  • Story Broad Artist – People with strong drawing skills are hired as storyboard artists and their job is to visualize a series of events from one animation frame to another.
  • Clean- up Artist – An artist who is assistant to the animator and whose work is to trace the animator’s rough drawing and to check the accuracy and consistency of a design.
  • Scanner Operator – This job is to scan the cleanup of artist’s drawings.
  • Compositor – The job of compositor is to bring in all the different characters and backgrounds into a single animation frame.
  • Character Animator – They bring characters to life and generally have the knowledge of traditional animation and stop-motion animation.
  • Special Effect Artist – These artists combine live-action footage with computer generated imagery.
  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist – These artists add colors to each frame.
  • Key Frame Animator – The primary job is to draw the picture of a moment's beginning and end.
  • Lighting Artist – Creating variations of shade, color intensity and shadows is the profile of this artist.
  • Image Editor – The editor brings together the various audio-visual components of an animation film.
  • Rendering Artist – The job is to combine models, textures, animation, lighting and to produce the correct blend in the form of individual frames of animation.
  • 2-D Animator – These artists create a very high volume of separate drawings that define an animated sequence.
  • Texture Artist – The texture artist creates a surface to the 3-D modeled character, object or environment.
  • Rigging Artist – This artist takes the modeled, textured 3-D character or object and set it up with a skeletal system or joints as this helps the 3-D character to talk or move fluidly and correctly.
  • 3-D Animator – This animator takes the sculpted, textured and rigged 3-D model and put life into it. This is done by putting in order the key frames in such a way that they appear to be in motion.

Don't you think this clearly is an indication that there are ample of jobs available for 2-D and 3-D animators? and yes, the great news is that the Indian Animators are gaining huge international recognition as the global animation industry is large in number.

So, guys if you have the knowledge with skill sets in varied areas such as retouching, texturing, lighting, modelling and animation just find this as an ultimate destination to work at and gain rich experience of learning and executing the wonders.

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